Ascension Brands collabs with Wrist Society

Listen to the co-founder of Wrist Society review Ascension watches, as well as announce an exciting collaboration coming in the next few weeks!

On Ascension: "Exquisite watches, 2018 is their year. They are making serious heat & serious noise.

The watch industry is so flooded with average quality watches, especially for what the other guys are charging. These guys over here at Ascension, they came in and are really changing the game with serious qualityTremendous value for what you are getting.”

Wrist Society is a monthly watch subscription service. For the upcoming month, Ascension is collaborating to create a special limited-edition watch that is exclusive to their members only.  Make sure to sign up for our email list, as well as follow our social media accounts to stay up to date with more exciting news and product announcements!

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