About us

Our Mission:

Ascension Brands strives to help young professionals let the world know they are prepared to start their journey towards prominence. By providing stylish watches with the utmost quality, we want to equip you with a luxurious look that won't break the bank.

For young professionals who aspire to present confidence, ability, and experience, Ascension Watches are a symbol of potential and capability in the form of a stylish and high quality timepiece.  


High Quality:

We use all of the finest parts and components in our watches to ensure you get the most value possible. Not only will your watch exude elegance, but you can be sure it will hold up against all of the obstacles on your path to the top.

Ascension chooses 316L Stainless Steel in all of our collections. It is a grade extremely resistant to corrosion and has extra-low carbon content, making it ultra-durable and magnetic resistant.  We also elect to use Sapphire Crystal Glass for all watches. The hardest material in the world, second to diamond, the Sapphire Crystal is almost impossible to scratch. Each watch also has a minimum 10 ATM Water Resistance rating, meaning the watch is specifically designed to withstand casual water exposure, showering, and shallow swimming.

We are very happy to announce the new implementation of genuine Italian leather bands crafted by Hadley-Roma for all Ascension leather band watches. They are the largest leather watchstrap manufacturer in North America and for over 100 years they have been manufacturing and distributing high quality watch attachments. American made products combined with the highest quality imports create the Hadley-Roma line. Hadley-Roma includes in its collection many of the same materials and technology used to supply the most highly recognized and sought after watch brands.



Actions speak louder than words. Here at Ascension, we practice what we preach. We aren't a bunch of older corporate execs. We are a small determined group of go-getters, fresh out of college, who are enthusiastic about this fast growing brand. Powered by a vast collection of people around the world that perfectly reflects our vision of the brand, let's take this journey to the summit together.


How we started:

Inspired in Boston and launched in Chicago, Ascension Brands was founded for those increasingly frustrated at people in both the professional and social settings for shortchanging them for their age. Realizing many want to showcase their value, Ascension Brands was born with the goal to help those who have untapped potential tell the world to take notice. For you, the best is yet to come.